3 HR Automations to Improve Employee Retention

When an employee leaves your organization, it leaves a vacuum of talent. The HR department needs to act quickly to replace the talent with the right candidate. The cost of replacing an employee can range from half their annual salary to double it. And more often than not, the employee attrition could have been prevented.  To help your HR department with employee retention, delight your employee, keep them engaged and excited, HR automation can help you. Here are 3 Automations Sapper recommends you to use to make your HR department efficient:  

1. Provision Your New Employees:New employees often wish to make a good first impression. But they are usually confused as to what can make them efficient. You can drive their ambition by providing them with the right applications on day. With onboarding automation, you can trigger a set of actions to onset onboarding activities. You can automate the notification action and update your managers about new hiring through slack, they could select items to provision for new hires. Also, Automate their workflow through ServiceNow.  

2.Streamline Approvals:-During their tenure as your employee, they are likely to make various requests -from taking leaves to submitting a budget.  This is always  a tedious process for any employee.  You can delight your employees by automating these tasks.  


  • An employee submit a request through Microsoft teams  
  • The automation bot pick up this request and show it to the manager 
  • The manager can decide to accept or reject the offer 
  • The employee gets notified regarding the status of the request via teams 

This entire process can be automated to decrease the anxiety of your employees and increase efficiency of a decision.  

3. Streamline Productivity Bots:- To avoid your employee burnout, you can streamline productivity blogs. Automate these bots to remind your employees about lunch breaks or even hydrate themselves. You can even program the bots to work in a certain way. Example: bots programmed to follow pomodoro technique, where the employee will only focus on work for a brief period of time and take shorter breaks between each period.  Once you automate these tiny interactions, you set a good user experience for your employees. This cumulative experience will boost your employee morale and decrease the chances of employee attrition.