3 HubSpot Integration to Charge Your Sales Team

As someone working in a business organization, you must be aware of HubSpot’s CRM platform. You can create a visual board of your activities, track down your sales prospects, store important information and what not.  But even a CRM software like HubSpot has its own limitations. So end up using other applications. This might help is some cases but reduces your productivity. The solution here is to integrate these applications with HubSpot, so you overcome the limitations of HubSpot along with increasing your sales team’s productivity.  

These include We’ll help you get started with 3 most used applications:-

1. Snowflake

2. Slack

3. Clearbit

1. Integrate HubSpot with Snowflake:- Your sales rep can use the product usage data to cross sell or upsell the products. Based on the product data usage you can decide whether to upsell or cross sell your products to your already existing customer.  To do this you can integrate Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehousing application with HubSpot and then build a workflow for your sales rep to view the product usage data.  

2. Connect HubSpot with Slack:- Communication is a key in sales and marketing. Your sales rep use platforms like slack to communicate between their prospects and within themselves.  By integrating platform like HubSpot with slack, you can directly update and connect with your sales prospects through slack. You can connect, engage, delete the HubSpot information through slack itself. This saves your Sales rep time as they no longer have to login into CRM to communicate with the customer.   

3. Integrate HubSpot with Clearbit  :- Inaccurate and missing data is a concern of many sales rep. The prospect information you get may be incomplete making the efforts of sales people null and void.  With clearbit you can easily find the email for free. And when you integrate this with HubSpot, you make sure that your sales team never miss out on any vital information. When someone adds a lead into your CRM, you can automatically find their complete information in clearbit.  

Transform Your Sales Team with Automation

To truly transform the operation of your sales team, you need to transform the way they handle leads and prospects. Standalone applications like HubSpot cannot make your team efficient. You can combine HubSpot with clearbit, slack, snowflake , chatbots and create a workflow with automated triggers.   

  • You can create a workflow to trigger an action after a customer makes certain amount of purchase. Using the trigger to upsell or cross-sell.  
  • Use Chatbots to provide real time update through slack and keep your sales reps in loop. 
  • Use business platform to accept, reject or store customer information with a single click.  

To understand how these automation work and how to integrate these applications efficiently, you can connect with our representatives.

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