5 Essential Applications to Integrate With Microsoft Teams. Take your Marketing Automation One Step Ahead.

Your marketing team is constantly busy. From Launching campaigns to generating leads, their hands are filled with tasks to be accomplished.  You can empower every member of your marketing team with applications that make their job easy.  Microsoft teams is one of those applications that most marketing teams use daily.  Now if we integrate this tool with other frequently used tools by the marketers, you can create a workflow which is efficient, time-saving and productive. To help you get started, Sapper recommends you 5 Microsoft Teams integrations  

 1. Integrate HubSpot With Microsoft Teams :- With HubSpot integration, you can post to a specific team channel when you add certain prospect information to the HubSpot. The marketing team can then add contacts to the respective campaign based on the information from the HubSpot.  This integration will move the prospects faster into the funnel and lead to better conversion.

 2. Collect Real-time Data With SurveyMonkey:- Marketing team is involved in customer surveys and feedback. But if this information is not synchronized in real-time, your team may lose valuable information.  By syncing SurveyMonkey with teams, you provide real-time and accurate data to your marketing team.  

3. Integrate Eventbrite with Microsoft Teams to Stay Upto-date with Upcoming Events:- Help Your colleagues stay up-to-date with the current events with Eventbrite. With this integration, employees could stay up-to-speed within teams when someone registers themselves through Eventbrite.  The real-time updates allow your team to stay up-to-date and track the current progress of event registration and nurture the registered candidates for a good user experience.  

4. Collaborate Google Sheets with Microsoft Teams :- Does your marketing team frequently use google sheets for a quick analysis? Maintaining records, updating information or quick calculations, google sheets is a very useful tool.  Integrating google sheets with Microsoft teams will allow you to do these tasks within teams app. This way you don’t have to switch apps while doing your tasks.  

5. Manage Meetings By Hooking Up Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams :- Being able to schedule meetings right from Microsoft teams app will definitely make your marketing team happy.  Also, you can alert all your team members if any new event comes up right through teams app. This should improve the chances that your colleagues show up to your meetings and are on time.  

Know More About Application Integrations   

Once you’ve connected teams app with these marketing applications, you can create a workflow by using an application integration platform like Sapper. Learn more about these application automation and work with Sapper.

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