5 Finance Apps to Run Your Business Efficiently

Even if you are running a small business, the tasks that you need to perform are endless. The tasks may go beyond your usual 8-hour working day. With remote working booming, you need to turn to various financial applications. Applications that make your job a hell lot of easier.  There are tons of financial apps that help you with all the financial tasks. Sending an invoice, analyzing your finances, or submitting an expense. While all those applications are useful, we have curated a list of 5 best financial apps that can give you maximum output.  

These include :-

1. Stripe:With stripe app, you can manage your payments on the go. It allows you to perform various financial tasks generally associated with your business.  

  • Track all your debits and credits across different time frames – daily, weekly and monthly.  
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest financial changes with push notifications.  
  • Take financial actions directly from the app.    

2. Expensify:- World’s leading app for expense management, receipt scanning, and travel bookings. Especially for employees who need to track down their expenses.   

  • Scan, upload and store receipts. It automatically helps you store and import all the receipt information instantly.  
  • Group receipts accordingly and submit in the form of a report.  
  • Approve or reject expense report with a single click.  
  • Manage your expense through one single app  

3.QuickBooks:- Create invoices, log finances, track your credit and debits, create financial reports using QuickBooks.  

  • Create, send and track invoices 
  • Scan, upload and submit receipts 
  • Track business performance over time 
  • Sync with your bank accounts for seamless money transfer  

4. Square Point of Sale:- With this app, you can sell online products, track your payments and interact with your customers. An intuitive platform and your team can get started without any training.  

  • Create invoices, send them in regular frequency, and track financial progress 
  • Allow customer the option to pay touch-free or via a chip with the Square app reader 
  • Manage your customer list and reach any customer via an email  

5. Square Payroll :- The aim of Square payroll is to decrease the complexity of payment apps and save time for you and your customers.  

  • Pay employees, vendors and customers with minimum clicks 
  • Track employee hours and add additional pay feature based on their work 
  • View your payroll summary 
  • Manage your payroll and other tax filings  

Building a Digital Finance Ecosystem

These apps work great individually but daily business activities include using these apps simultaneously. This is where it gets tedious. There is a chance of manual errors and the apps have their own limitations. These limitations and manual errors can cause the company a lot of financial penalties. With automation, you can solve this problem. Application automation allows you to automate the collaboration of different financial apps. You can connect these different apps and create a workflow. This will improve the efficiency of all your financial interactions. Automations are also less prone to errors. Learn how Sapper can help you automate your finance workflows and applications.