5 Slack Integrations that can boost your team collaboration quality

Slack is one of the most famous platform to convert conversations into work. It is a full-fledged communication hub. Organizations count on it and the best part is you can straight away link and integrate some more essential apps to harness most out of it Some great factored integration layers can fulfill all the needs of users, venders, stakeholders and of course employees! Let’s have a look at the Top 5 most amazing Slack integrations:-

1.Google Drive :All the professional conversations are mostly done on a well written document / presentations / sheets and emails. That means – Tons of Files. File sharing is highly common in any niche, but what about managing it? Google Drive and Slack together makes the conversation seamless and keeps an account of all your files, data and crucial information in the most organized approach ever. By integrating Slack with google drive, you can automatically retrieve documents through Slack and communicate without switching to your cloud storage system.  Directly share the files with concerned person through Slack.

2. Asana:- When, what, who and where? All such questions lead to misunderstandings and can create a huge mess at work. Asana is a great way to align project, time and people together. Asana bring all your employees on the same page and even empower them to manage their projects. With this integration, you can design a workflow and whenever a new task is added or updated in Asana, the concerned employee gets notified via Slack. Easy, Isn’t it? 

3. Survey Monkey:- Either you are going to do a market research, making some question banks for your employees or need any kind of suggestions for a particular product / project. Survey Monkey can do all that effortlessly and swiftly too just like a monkey. By integrating Survey Monkey with Slack you can easily share the survey data and all the important responses with just a click among your colleagues and curate a workflow where whenever any response comes up from survey monkey, the appropriate employee gets alerted on slack instantly.  It ensures that your team can see what respondents are saying in real time and take action quickly. 

4. Salesforce:- Every sales manager tackle piles of work, from evaluating, reporting, monitoring and checking the overall performance of team or approving team’s request. And that’s not the end. There are numerous other tasks too! Tiring Isn’t it? By connecting Salesforce with Slack you can easily perform all these responsibilities on the go.  Furthermore, you can construct a workflow that notifies the manager on Slack whenever one of their reps updates a record on a key account. Then, you can build another workflow that enables managers to instantly get notified via Slack whenever an account is marked as “Closed Won” in Salesforce. 

5.GitHub:- GitHub is a massive platform which provides hosting for software development. Sometimes engineers get stuck and they need a pathway to converse with tech support. Also a good workflow that is synchronized with GitHub and Slack works like wonder for the Engineers, like this they will receive all the notifications about the next task, priority projects and all the other work. You can have the insights of each employee’s work progress and can manage their workload by integrating GitHub with Slack. 

Uplift your professional conversations with Automation 

To legitimately uplift your business conversations, you need the help of intelligent automation. Slack is undoubtedly a great fruitful platform but with automation and integration, you can go beyond the limits and work under one hood instead of switching different platforms. To understand how these automation work and how to integrate these applications efficiently, you can connect with our representatives.

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