Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

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Create Asana tasks from Zohoform submissions

1. When a Zoho Form is submitted.
2. Sapper automation is triggered, resulting in the creation of Asana task.

Add ClickUp tasks to Asana

1. Sapper retrieves all the tasks from ClickUp.
2. For each task in ClickUp, Sapper creates a task in Asana.

Create Asana tasks from BambooHR employees

1. Sapper retrieves all the employees from BambooHR.
2. For each employee from BambooHR, Sapper creates tasks in Asana.

Migrate/Copy all Projects from Harvest as Asana Tasks and send email via Gmail

1. Sapper retrieves all the projects from Harvest.
2. For each Project in Harvest, Sapper creates a new task in Asana.
3. Also sends an email via Gmail to the owner in Asana.

Create a new Project in Asana whenever a new Job is created in GreenHouse and publish it on LinkedIn

1. When a new job is created in Greenhouse.
2. Sapper automation is triggered, resulting in the creation of a new project in Asana.
3. Also posts about the job in LinkedIn.

Migrate/Copy all Deals from HubSpot and all Opportunities from SalesForce as Asana Tasks

1. Sapper retrieves all the deals from HubSpot and all the opportunities from Salesforce.
2. Sapper assists in creating Asana tasks for all HubSpot deals and Salesforce opportunities.

Migrate/Copy all Leads from Salesforce as Asana Tasks

1. Sapper retrieves all the leads from Salesforce.
2.Sapper adds tasks in Asana for all the Salesforce leads.

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