Docebo is a software as a service company that specializes in learning management system.

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When a Employee is terminated in Workday, Create Jira ticket to remove system access and revoke access for the User in Salesforce/Freshdesk and deactivate the User in Docebo and notify HR on MS Teams

1. When a candidate is terminated/resigned in Workday.
2. Sapper automation is triggered, resulting in the creation of Jira ticket for revoking system access for the User.
3. According to the Job role, Sapper revokes access to Freshdesk/Salesforce and Docebo and notify HR in MS Teams.

Migrate Skills from Workday to Docebo

1. Sapper retrieves all the Skills from Workday.
2. And creates new Skill in Docebo.

When a user is created in Salesforce, Create/Update User in Docebo and assign a Course

1. When a User is created in Salesforce.
2. Sapper automation is triggered, resulting in the creating the User in Docebo and assigning a learning course.
3. If the User already exist update the candidate in Docebo.

Migrate Workday Users as Docebo Users and enroll a basic course

1. In Docebo, Sapper searches for all Workday Users to see if the User exists.
2. If the User already exists, Sapper will update the User. else, a new User will be created in Docebo.

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