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Sage HR is an HR software company that streamlines human resource management with Accounting and Payroll products as the ideal solution for businesses of any size.

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Onboarding: For all Employees in SageHR, provision Jira and ServiceNow Accounts. Also, schedule a Zoom Meeting, and notify via Gmail

1. Sapper retrieves all the employees from Sage HR.
2. For each employee in Sage HR, Sapper creates new user account in Jira and ServiceNow and sends emails through Gmail.
3. Sapper assists in the scheduling a Zoom meeting and sends meeting invitation emails via Gmail.

For all Employees in SageHR , create a Talent LMS Account, assign a Course, and send an Email notification via Gmail

1. Sapper retrieves users from Sage HR.
2. For each user in Sage HR, Sapper creates a new Talent LMS user account.
3. Assign a Course to the user in Talent LMS.
4. Notify the user through Gmail.

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Sage HR

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