Automate Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an important part of inbound marketing. By definition, “Lead nurturing is all about converting a viewer to a customer. It’s not forced marketing. You help your prospects at every step of the way and in return, they reward you by engaging with your product.” The lead nurturing process goes through different stages and each stage invites a series of application. With each stage, your prospect’s interest should increase in your product. But if your sales representatives are wasting their efforts in just managing data applications, you are bound to miss out on many opportunities. Sapper’s Intelligent integration and automation will help you automate the lead nurturing process.  


Integration automation helps you connect different lead nurturing applications. 


Create a smooth user experience for your customers and boost customer retention. 

Automate Lead Scoring and Segmentation 

Not all your leads will be of the same value. Some may be in the awareness stage and others may be in the decision stage. Lead segmentation is important to send relevant emails. With Intelligent integration and automation, you can design triggers to segment the audience based on their stage. Tools like HubSpot and Salesforce could be connected with CRM’s like Zoho and the contacts collected could be segmented based on the information the leads fill during the submission.

Stay Up-to-Date with Lead Information 

In the sales funnel, the contacts are constantly moving from one phase to another. A member in the awareness stage may reach the decision-making stage. When such movement happens, the information needs to be communicated to Sales reps. You can connect tools like HubSpot, Salesforce to communication tools like Slack. So whenever any changes are represented in the CRM’s, the sales rep are automatically notified through Slack.

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