Automate Sales Closures 

Closing sales is nothing less than Art. The ability to persuade someone to buy your product is no less than a task. Over the years, we have got used to using digital applications to help us close leads. From saving customer information to qualifying leads to close them, every task could be accomplished through an app. But using a different application in series manually could lead to data silos and loss of customer data. Sapper’s intelligent integration and automation help you integrate different sales applications and make them work in sync. Triggers are designed to automate the process from one app to another. It is as simple as connecting the dots.  


Sync sales application to manage and connect with prospects who are ready to convert


Decrease your sales cycle time and boost revenue with a good user and employee experience.

Pass off Your Leads to Sales 

 Lead management is a journey. A prospect travels from being unknown about your product to be ready to buy the product. But it’s important to pass off the leads to the sales rep in time. There are other people competing for their attention simultaneously. With Sapper’s Intelligent integration and automation, you can create triggers to automatically notify the sales team when a lead is qualified. A list of contacts from HubSpot could be sent over to slack channels and the sales rep could take this further. After closing, a Sales rep could take the customer signature in DocuSign and the customer information is automatically updated in other applications

Track and Measure Your Leads 

Tracking your sales funnel is an important task. The leads which did not make it to the customer leads needs to be refined and nurtured as well. This way you understand why the leads are failing to convert. With Sapper’s Intelligent integration and automation, you can connect your sales tools, CRMs and analytic application and keep the data in sync for your understanding.

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