Certification Program

At a Glance

The Sapper Certification Program is for all partners and resellers involved in solutioning, sales and configuration of the Sapper automation platform. Sapper Certifications enhance your professional stature, confirms your expertise, and signals to customers and industry peers that you have the technical skills and knowledge to provide superior services.

Key Benefits of Sapper Certification

Sapper Certifications provide you many benefits to improve your sales performance. These certifications help you

  1. Understand the Sapper Value Proposition and Key differentiators
  2. Demonstrate your proficiency in Sapper technologies to prospects and customers
  3. Get the best-practice advantage, resulting in more powerful and robust solutions. This helps you become a trusted advisor of your customers
  4. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace
  5. Increase your value to your customers and invest in your professional development

Training and Certification

Below is a list of Certification paths Sapper offers for Reseller sales and technical professionals. All training is provided online.

Certification Pre-requisites Duration Estimated Fees
Sapper Certified Sales Professional None 4 hours FREE
Sapper Certified Sales Engineer Sapper Certified Sales Professional 8 hours FREE

Sapper Certified Sales Professional

This certification prepares sales professionals to understand Sapper’s unique value proposition and features. This helps you understand customer problems and confidently propose Sapper as part of the solution.


A.      Automation Market Landscape, Sapper Value Proposition and Key Differentiators.

B.      Workflows and Automations in Sapper.

C.      Sapper Platform and Analytics Features.

Sapper Certified Sales Engineer

This certification goes beyond the Sales Professional Certification and helps sales engineers understand Sapper capabilities in more detail, enabling them to map customer requirements to Sapper capabilities.


A.      Sapper Workflow Builder

B.      Sapper Connections, Transformations and Triggers

C.      Sapper Security and User Management

D.     Sapper Reporting and Dashboards