Get Back to Work Automation Accelerator

Sapper’s Get Back to Work Automation Accelerator helps you with solutions and resources to help manage employee learning, regulatory compliance, health education and benefits during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

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Health, Safety & Learning Automation with Sapper

As businesses look to get back to work they are thinking how to do so safely. Sapper’s Get Back to Work Automation Accelerator helps you with managing all aspects of workforce safety and productivity. Our Stay Safe HealthBot provides employees with a single convenient interface to build their skills, take health and safety questionnaires or automate day-to-day tasks. Our Learning Management Automation helps in training and engagement for employees and keeps them productive while working remotely. Our HR Automation helps manage employee skills and benefits. Powered by a simple to develop, enhance and maintain Intelligent Automation technology we can help automate all your tasks around managing the Covid-19 crisis. It’s as simple as connecting the dots.

Remote Learning and Skill Development Automation

Sapper’s Get Back to Work Accelerator helps you manage employee learning in a collaborative way. With automation to over 20 learning management systems, you can rapidly roll out employee learning and engagement programs. Create new learning pathways, improve morale while working remotely or prepare for safety and compliance while getting back to work. Using our Intelligent Automation is as easy as connecting the dots.

Create a Continuously Safe Work Environment with Sapper

As we look ahead to getting back to work, many business leaders have questions about how to bring employees back safely—and keep them safe. Sapper’s Get Back to Work Accelerator includes a Stay Safe Healthbot and several pre-built automations to applications that provide health safety, benefits and telehealth providers.

Get Back to Work Accelerator

With Sapper’s Get Back to Work Accelerator, you can protect your most important assets: your people. Automations to help you improve employee learning, manage benefits, automate routine tasks and get employees back to work in a safe and compliant manner.