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Automate Employee Offboarding 

A good employee offboarding process shows a clear exit path that shows mutual respect to all parties. Employee onboarding involves logistical steps like returning company property, orienting team members about the ongoing projects, letting the relevant stakeholders know about the transition etc.  Human resource plays an important role in setting up an effective offboarding workflow. The employee offboarding process involves reversing all the processes done during employee onboarding. Removing the employee information from various systems takes time and failing to do so may result in the organization facing compliance issues. Sapper helps you in automating this process. You track the trail of all information, avoid data leaks and loss of intellectual property. The employee offboarding process involves a series of tasks like removing access from different systems, payroll settlement, exit interviews, manage regulatory compliance, and many more. Sapper helps you lower the cost by eliminating the manual handling of the applications. Making your Human resource department efficient and employee-friendly. 

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