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Greenhouse ATS is a recruitment platform that will help you hire the best talent in the industry.  Some of the best features include sourcing dashboards, post, and track job applications, a candidate management database, and many more. Sapper’s integration platforms help you connect Greenhouse ATS with other HR applications like talent management, onboarding applications, etc. Integrating Greenhouse ATS with other hiring applications gives you the ability to customize your ideal hiring solutions. It gives you the ability to manage job applications, filter in the right candidates, schedule interviews, and sends job offers. Sapper helps you streamline this process by using intelligent integration and automation.  

Greenhouse Integrations:

Onboarding Applications: Create a great hiring experience b integrating your Hiring applications with Greenhouse 

Screening Tools: Integrate Greenhouse with your job portal and screen the right candidates suitable for your business.     

Candidate Experience: Curate a good candidate experience and boost your offer acceptance rates.  


Pre-built ADP Integrations