How Automation Helps in Employee Onboarding

A new individual is important in bringing a new vision or maybe out of the box ideas. Businesses are always promptly looking for new talented people for their organization. But, hiring process is not that exciting like the way it sounds. From job postings, scheduling interviews, candidate assessment to sending offers. There are multiple tasks over vivid platforms which are not at all effortless to handle. They are time consuming, takes lot of efforts, resources and are unfeasible too. HR managers say the top three biggest challenges they face with onboarding are inconsistencies across the organization, competing priorities, and measuring onboarding effectiveness. How about optimizing these set of tasks? That’s what Sapper does. Whether you’re trying to save time while improving employee experiences in your HR department or staffing firm, onboarding automation is the answer for more consistent, quality onboarding for higher retention rates and operational efficiencies. We help you eliminate the boring traditional ways of hiring and make the whole process swift, intelligent, efficient and time saving. Automation can actually add more opportunities to customize and streamline the onboarding experience so employees can feel welcomed and better informed as they get up to speed in their new role.

The Struggles of Adding a New Team Player 

Sapper has been deeply looking into various tedious tasks and how they could be optimized with the help of intelligent automation. Hiring process is not only prolong, unfeasible to manage but also tiresome. For an individual onboarding is the first ever experience of the company and it has to be easy going, on time and most importantly highly professional. This experience allows the newbies to think about future goals, their position in the company and how hard they have to work to prove themselves. To make sure the first impression stays consistent without compromising the quality, Automation is everything you are looking for! 

How Sapper Automates Employee Onboarding 

A fragmented and cluttered process is confusing, to both the candidate and the hiring manager. Sapper with the help of Intelligent automation integrates vivid hiring application software and tools, to bring them together as a unified platform. Sapper helps you automate your application management tasks. Contacting the candidates, scheduling interviews, assigning tasks, everything is done through different applications. With Sapper, you can automate the interaction between these applications. It also helps you automate the assessment of candidates through set parameters. Choosing the right fit for your organization. 

Control over various Applications

Employee onboarding also involves dealing with complex processes to setup access to many applications such as ERP, Payroll, IT Service Management and more. Once hired the employee has to be equipped with the right learning pathways also to make them productive. Intelligent Automation for Employee On-Boarding is as simple as connecting the dots. Automate and control all the hiring application from beginning to end. And that’s not all, there are over 350+ possible application integrations. So, you can work on a single integrated platform and don’t have to deal with numerous applications. 

Provision Systems for Employee

Now you are already aware about the long list of applications, systems and technologies required at the time of new hiring. From setting up their emails, providing access to the CRM tools like Salesforce, provisioning different IT service applications, setting up payroll, benefits and insurance coverage all while complying with corporate security mandates on access control and authentication. The list goes on and on. This is mind-boggling for HR or IT to deal with. Sapper has automations that span across all the systems so that you can provision everything in a breeze. It’s not just optimizing but it saves time, efforts and resources which can be used on further development of businesses. 

Learning Management Automation

Learning is an indispensable tool that nourishes our minds and soothes our soul. It is a necessity for both personal and professional career as it makes us capable of understanding and handling things in a better way in life. The right learning pathways are necessary developing skills while providing ongoing assessment and training to keep skills updated as well as to manage remote working and productivity during challenging times like Covid-19. All these need interactions with several learning management systems, feedbacks, assessments, synchronize data between Human Capital Management systems and applications. Sapper helps you connect the different applications with Intelligent Automations that takes away the technology challenges for you and provides a seamless learning system. 

Start an experience that becomes life changing and extraordinary for your employee and your business with Sapper. 

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