Automate Human Resources

The Sapper platform seamlessly helps you automate all Human Resource tasks. It is important for an organization to keep its HR processes working efficiently. With Sapper, you can automate the collaboration of different applications and reduce the time, cost and resources required.

We cover all important aspects of Human Resources: Employee Onboarding, Offboarding, Hiring Automation and Automating Learning Management.

Employee Onboarding

 Employee onboarding also involves dealing with complex processes to setup access to many applications such as ERP, Payroll, IT Service Management and more. Sapper helps you automate all this so you can focus on your employees.

Employee Offboarding

Employee offboarding involves all the reverse procedures done when hiring an employee. Removing an employee from systems like Teams, Emails, Jira can waste a lot of time. This saves time and also reduces human errors.

Hiring Automation

Freeing up your time and resources to concentrate on important responsibilities. From job postings, scheduling interviews, candidate assessment to sending offers, you can automate interactions for greater efficiency.