Integrate HubSpot using Intelligent Integration & Automation

Intelligently Integrate & Automate HubSpot

A complete marketing, support and CRM platform- HubSpot helps you take your organization to the next level.  It helps you cover various aspects of your business like, leads, sales and customer service and even building a website. You can get more work from one platform rather than switching between the apps. HubSpot is a community that provides a platform to learn and share not only with other businesses but a customer support team as well.  The large community and integrations make HubSpot a powerful tool which you can use no matter how big or small your business is. Also, HubSpot provides support for integrations so that one can customize the platform to work in the best possible manner for your business.


Display ServiceNow Incident in Slack Tool

Structure Your Workflow 

View Requests Through Slack

One-stop Solution

Fast-pace integration and reduce technical dependency

Pre-built Connections

Sapper provides pre-built connections made for you

Archieve Automation

Achieve data accuracy and cost-efficiency with automation

Integrated Systems

Integrate systems to achieve maximum efficiency

Connect HubSpot with 100+ other apps:


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Some Popular Use Cases

  • Sapper’s intelligent automation will look for the completed campaign in Salesforce through Looping
  • Later the contacts are inserted one-by-one as contacts in Hubspot
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation then notifies the appropriate slack channels with details of each contact

  • A new customer is created in Magento 
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation will sync all the contacts in both Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Sapper then notifies the relevant Slack channels with details of how many new contacts have been added.

Sapper’s Pre-built HubSpot Automations


  • A contact is created in HubSpot
  • Sapper posts a message in slack regarding the contact details
  • New HubSpot contacts are added in the Salesforce as new leads
  • First we check whether an existing lead is present in Salesforce or not by matching it with the search criteria
  • Salesforce members are added in the HubSpot as contacts
  • It checks for duplication of contacts already existing in HubSpot
  • For every campaign member creates/ updates a contact only if a email is present

Choose Sapper for Your Intelligent Automation


  • Ready to Use Automations: Discover the solutions you need from pre-built automation created for you.  
  • Fast pace with Intelligent Automation: Combine the power of AI, bots to automate manual tasks  
  • Eliminate Technical Glitches: No waiting for a technical person to implement the automation. Automate the process yourself within a few minutes 
  • Build Bots to Work for You: Create unique conversation-driven automation with Slack bots 

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