Automate Leads to Lead the Market

Leads are actually what gives meaning to even running a business. There are multiple sources of leads which makes extracting lead information and updating data across applications a prolonged process, ultimately resulting in a loss of customers as well as business opportunities.
Sapper’s intelligent automation allows us to merge all the distinct applications so that you can get a more complete picture of each lead, get in touch with them faster and expand business rapidly.


We efficiently streamline your leads by making several applications work as a single interface to increase your visibility into the lead process.


Sapper helps you build automated processes that keep an account of leads to focus on, both existing and future, to grow your business effortlessly.

Automate Lead Routing

Lead routing designates a process of incoming lead distribution among sales agents which requires a proper synchronization between leads, their response, follow-ups and impressions. It’s not feasible to perform these tasks in real-time.

We help you to convert leads into deals with Sapper’s Intelligent Automation that integrates all your applications under one roof. It dramatically reduces the response time so you have faster follow-up and better relationship with your clients.

Automate Lead Management

There are plenty of sources for leads these days and it’s difficult to monitor them together. Also, we can lose our potential customers if we don’t reach them at the right time.

Converse with leads in one place with Sapper. We allow you to keep track of conversations whether they happen via text message, email, phone, or application, and respond to your potential clients through a single platform.