Automate Lead Management  

Lead management links marketing and sales. It is a customer acquisition process from marketers where they acquire new customer information, educate the prospect about the product and later pass it on to the sales team for effective conversion. You see how closely lead management is linked to revenue and profits. Each potential customer you failed to make a connection with is a loss in revenue. Is your business following an effective lead management process? Doing so can help you close more sales deals. Now you use various applications to manage, nurture and close the leads. But managing those applications could get tedious and important leads may get lost. Sapper’s intelligent integration and automation integrates different applications helping you to do lead nurturing effectively.


Sapper has pre-built automation for Effective lead management. This way you could communicate lead information with sales reps with just a few clicks.


Close more leads with effective communication and accurate information. Have good control over your lead management system.

Identify the Most Precious Leads 

Identifying the most precious leads is important in Sales. Not all leads will eventually qualify for sales. But with various systems to gather leads, it becomes difficult to qualify the important ones. With Sapper’s intelligent integration and automation you can automatically add the leads from Salesforce and HubSpot CRM’s to Zoho and simultaneously notify the sales team via Slack. This reduces the sales cycle time, your sales team could provide attention to the most precious leads and boost sales.

Add Relevant Information Associated to the Leads 

Having accurate information about a lead helps the sales rep to convert the lead more effectively. When you have thousands of leads, adding information manually is impossible.  With intelligent integration and automation, you can sync the information from a CRM to any sales tool. Whenever a new lead is added to a lead collecting tool, Sapper searches for the relative information and fill the respective fields in the CRM. This way the sales rep could qualify or disqualify the lead based on the information.

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