Integrate Marketo using Intelligent Integration & Automation

Intelligently Integrate & Automate Marketo

Marketo is a SaaS-based marketing automation platform built to help organizations manage their marketing tasks and workflows.  Companies use Marketo when they need their campaigns built and strategies operationalized. Marketo users may be in demand generation, marketing operations, sales executives etc. In short, Marketo is a go-to platform for companies looking to scale their revenue.  


Sync Leads

Update Lead Information   

Show Lead Information 

One-stop Solution

Fast-pace integration and reduce technical dependency

Pre-built Connections

Sapper provides pre-built connections made for you

Archieve Automation

Achieve data accuracy and cost-efficiency with automation

Integrated Systems

Integrate systems to achieve maximum efficiency

Connect Marketo with 100+ other apps:


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Some Popular Use Cases

Marketo is connected to Slack with Sapper Bots. Any new information updated in Marketo can be viewed through slack.   

  1. Type the Command “Show Lead information” in Sapper’s command box
  2. Sapper’s intelligent automation will ask for the necessary email
  3. Sapper will show the information related to the lead in the Slack channel

Sapper’s Pre-built Marketo Automations 

  • A new lead is created in Salesforce
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation searches for the same email address in Marketo
  • If no email is found, Sapper creates one in Marketo
  • If email is found, no changes are made
  • A new lead is created in Marketo
  • Sapper’s intelligent posts a message in Slack regarding the same
  • Lead information is updated in Salesforce
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation searches for the Same lead in Marketo
  • If a matching lead is found, the new information gets updated
  • If no match is found, no changes are made.

Choose Sapper for Your Intelligent Automation


  • Ready to Use Automations: Discover the solutions you need from pre-built automation created for you.
  • Fast pace with Intelligent Automation: Combine the power of AI, bots to automate manual tasks
  • Eliminate Technical Glitches: No waiting for a technical person to implement the automation. Automate the process yourself within a few minutes
  • Build Bots to Work for You: Create unique conversation-driven automation with Slack bots

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