Integrate OrangeHRM with Different Employee Management Applications 

 Connecting the OrangeHRM application with your other business applications can amazingly improve your HRIS experience. 

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OrangeHRM is a one-stop solution for all your hr management need. This platform can amazingly manage all your HRIS and HRM tasks. The major benefit of integrating OrangeHRM with other business applications involves effective people management, Talent management, Payroll management, and performance management. Sapper’s Intelligent integration and automation platform helps you to connect OrangeHRM to other applications like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Jira, and many more. Connecting OrangeHRM with the other employee management application assists to improve the HRM and HRIS activities for the organization. It helps to boost employee management by automating the ticket rise, adding the employee’s data, updating employee’s data automatically in different systems during their onboarding and performance management process. It promotes employees’ experience for getting a smooth onboarding process that enhances their work efficiency. Sapper’s intelligent integration and automation platform is expertise in automating the HRM process.  

OrangeHRM and HRIS Integrations:  

Connect with CRM and ERP Applications: Help to connect the new employee with the payroll, Performance management, talent management, and employee management between OrangeHRM and other CRM and ERP applications to update the entire system efficiently.       

Supporting in Talent Management: It helps to support in talent management by Automatically updating the new employees details along with their status in different Employee management systems.  

Benefits: Single platform for managing the entire function of HRM and HRIS efficiently. 


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