Payroll Automation and Why Your Organization Needs it?

Your relationship with your employees is what guarantees your success with your organization.  And any strain in this relationship can cause harm to you both in the short-term and long term. Payment is one such area that every employee is sensitive about.  Any potential harm to the payment system can harm the relationship between your company and your employees.  A simple clerical error could bring strains in your relationship.  And if you imagine those potential errors with thousands of employees, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  To avoid these situations and severed relationships with your employees, you can use automation.  We’ll elaborate on what is payroll automation and how it can help you drive efficiency and good employee relationships at its core. But let’s first define… 

What is Payroll Automation?

Payroll automation or automated payroll system is the use of automation to streamline various payment applications and its process. From setting up employee accounts to removing access from it.  This involves your enterprise automation applications to set up in a way that one action triggers all the associated apps and the platform can deliver programmed outcomes.  

 Examples of Payroll Automation

To see how payroll automation works, we can  

 Setting up Hire Payroll

1) Once the candidate signs up their offer letter through DocuSign, the workflow gets triggered.  

2) A human resource platforms like Workaday creates employee profiles using the information from DocuSign  

3) Once the employee starts, an enterprise chatbot may help the employee set up initial platforms and how to go about their final payroll setup.  

Alerting Employee About the Changes in their Payroll

Let’s assume a situation where there is a pay change due to a promotion or new tax structure, this directly affects the employee paycheck. With automation, you can easily keep them in the loop.  The automation uses applications to send an employee a text message or an email to notify the changes that took place.   

Employee Off Boarding 

Once an employee decides to leave, you still want to give them the best user experience.  If they leave, you can trigger a set event to notify all the applications to deactivate or delete their profiles. A notification is also sent to authorities and colleagues saying that the employee is no more working with your organization.  

Why is Payroll Automation Necessary 

With our discussion above, you must have realized the benefits of payroll automation. In case. You want us to pinpoint, here it is:  

1.Mitigate Errors – By creating profiles using pre-existing information, you mitigate the manual errors. Your team is less vulnerable to risks as a new employee is hired.  

2.It Let Employees Focus on Productive Tasks – Now that your employees could avoid certain level of paperwork and data entry, they can actually focus on work that is productive.  Employees will be more focused on doing work rather than reporting what work they d. This free time can be allocated towards business critical work. Boosting employee morale.  

3.Why Keep Your Employees Happy  – By keeping the user experience smooth, notifying them of every little changes and resolving their issues quickly, you create an environment of trust and happiness. This should give them all the more confidence in your payroll process and ease any of their uncertainty.   

Sapper Will Automate Your Payroll System

We at Sapper build enterprise automation platforms, helping organizations with their intelligent automation plans. We create customized workflows and triggers suitable for your needs. We even offer enterprise chatbots that specify in conveying information about your organization.  

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