Intelligent Automation Platform

Sapper is an easy to use, enhance and maintain Intelligent Automation Platform. Our AI driven design ensures that you no longer need to have many purpose built tools for your application integration, data integration and analytics data preparation automation. With Sapper you can go from thinking about an automation to having it working less than a week. We also provide several pre-built automations whether it’s employee onboarding, learning management or synchronizing data between your cloud applications. Automation is as simple as connecting the dots with Sapper.

Intelligent Automation Simplified

Automation is not a thing of the Future, It’s here.. Sapper brings you Simplified Intelligent Automation. Remember all the repetitive tasks that consume your time?  Well, now you don’t have to think about them. We have both Customized and Pre-built Automations to help you synchronize Data between different Applications and Automate repetitive tasks.

Let’s Start Automating and understand how Sapper can help you Automate your most inefficient tasks. 

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