Automate Sales Collaboration

Sales and marketing are important things for any business. Marketing brings the prospects in and sales convert them into customers. With these two teams collaborating so closely, communication between the two becomes important. Sapper’s intelligent integration and automation help you to connect marketing and sales applications.


We efficiently streamline the collaboration of marketing and sales application.


Makes your marketing and sales team perform efficiently by boosting organization revenue.

Streamline Sales Funnel

Sapper’s marketing integration helps you to streamline your sales funnel making it easier for your marketing and sales team to collaborate and convert prospects to customers. The sales funnel application can be integrated with communication tools used by the sales team. This way the sales team is up-to date with all the marketing activities.

Integrate CRM’s

Your sales and marketing teams could be using different CRM’s to handle leads. With Sapper integration you can connect different CRM’s and keep the information flow efficiency. You sales team could easily access the required information with just few clicks.
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