Increase Campaign Performance with Intelligent Automation

We automate all the campaign marketing processes from campaign launch, scheduling, management, reporting, analysis and performance tracking to bringing them all together to curate a single platform. Sapper integrates these complicated tasks to save you time, resources and money, so you can work in a synchronized manner and unlock new marketing possibilities.


We simplify the complicated workflow by making all your marketing applications work together as a unified platform for an error-free, progressive, productive and organized experience.


Sapper helps you build automated processes that not only unleashes a smooth and optimized marketing experience but also streamlines operations with smarter automation.

Automate Launching Campaigns

Campaigning was never easy. Sapper allows you to work hassle–free on vivid platforms simultaneously. Launching a campaign needs coordination across several people, processes, applications and endless resources and time wasting ultimately decreases productivity and increases operational cost.

Sapper connects various applications like Slack, Chanty, Microsoft Teams, Webinar, Eventbrite and many more. You can easily strategize future campaigns, schedule and coordinate among different platforms all under one hood. Rapidly launch campaigns and get ahead of your competition.

Automate Campaign Reporting and Analysis

With real–time automated reporting, performance tracking and marketing analytics we make your work efficient so that you can become more results–driven.

What campaigns are being worked on? What progress is the campaign making? Tracking all these reports across different applications is crucial for campaign success. Sapper enables you to have a single view across systems by integrating various SaaS applications like Marketo, Wrike, Asana, Trello and many more.

Our Intelligent automation easily streamlines the workflow and allows your organization to focus on core tasks so that you can lead the market and bring significant growth.