Automate Employee Offboarding

Employee offboarding should not be a tedious task. Since most of the tasks are repeatable, it makes sense to automate all of them, saving both time and resources. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could carry out the entire offboarding process through one single interface?

Sapper helps you automate all the repetitive tasks. Employee offboarding involves all the reverse procedures done when hiring an employee. Removing an employee from systems like Teams, Emails, Learning systems, Jira or Dropbox can waste a lot of time. This can all be automated via Sapper. This saves time and also reduces human errors and omissions. And you can keep a trail of the entire process for audits and compliance, preventing data leakage and potential loss of intellectual property. Sapper helps you automate the entire process irrespective of the number of platforms involved.


Sapper has prebuilt automations for a complete employee offboarding experience. Remove access from different systems, settle payroll and benefits, manage regulatory compliance and automate exit checklist tasks all while reducing the time it takes.


Easy to develop, enhance and maintain automations lower your cost of operating many different technologies. Helps you improve productivity and focus on more valuable work instead of worrying about configuring technology.

Automate Access Removal

Over time employees are added to various systems, SaaS applications, file sharing and many other applications. When they leave removing them from these systems can be a time consuming and error prone process. Not doing this correctly may result in a data breach or other liabilities. Sapper has connectors with 300+ different applications and can automate your task of removing access from all systems. We can help streamline the process by creating exit checklists and adhering to them. Most of our customers save between 35% to 78% of their process time with rapid turnaround and assurance that nothing was missed.

Automate Payroll and Benefit Settlement

With Sapper, you can automate payroll tasks and eliminate risks. Plus it saves you tons of time which would otherwise be spent in crosschecking every minute detail. As soon as the employee is terminated, Sapper automation interacts between different payroll and benefit applications and updates the necessary status. It keeps you updated with a security notification at each milestone.

When your employee is leaving you can change the access to the employee benefits they have been receiving through a single click. Sapper can automate interactions with healthcare benefits, insurance, exit checklists and other applications through one single interface.

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