Automate Employee Onboarding

Your employees’ journey starts with the onboarding process. You are more likely to attract quality hires if the experience in the hiring process is positive. Once hired the employee has to be equipped with the right learning pathways to make them productive. Employee onboarding also involves dealing with complex processes to setup access to many applications such as ERP, Payroll, IT Service Management and more. Sapper helps you automate all this so you can focus on your employees. Intelligent Automation for Employee Onboarding. It’s as simple as connecting the dots.


Sapper prebuilt automations for a complete employee onboarding experience. From Application to Hire, to Learning Management, to Provisioning systems and accesses. From having an idea to seeing it work in less than an hour.


Easy to develop, enhance and maintain automations lower your cost of operating many different technologies. Helps you improve productivity and focus on more valuable work instead of worrying about configuring technology.

Application to Hire Automation

The modern job application process is very complex. Digital recruitment processes, geographically distributed teams and many technologies in the play has made the hiring process less human and more technology driven. As this happened companies have adopted many SaaS applications to meet their needs, from employee applications to having an AI Robot conducting the interviews. However, lack of integration across these applications and data means that HR teams are spending time manually executing these recruitment processes. HR teams are spending more time setting up the technology rather than focusing on the human part. Sapper Intelligent Automation helps you automate all your hiring technology provisioning and interactions so you can focus on what you do best… hiring the best talent.

Provisioning Systems for Employees

The moment an employee is onboarded, they have a long list of applications, systems and technologies they need to access: from setting up their emails, providing access to CRM tools like Salesforce, provisioning different IT service applications, setting up payroll, benefits and insurance coverage all while complying with corporate security mandates on access control and authentication. The list goes on. This can be overwhelming for HR or IT to deal with. Sapper has automations that span all the systems so that you can provision everything in a breeze. It’s as easy as connecting the dots.

Learning Management Automation

Assign employees with the right learning pathways to develop the skills necessary while providing ongoing assessment and training to keep skills updated, as well as manage remote working and productivity during challenging times like Covid. All these need interactions with several learning management systems, feedback and assessments and synchronization of data between Human Capital Management systems and applications. Sapper helps you connect the dots with our Intelligent Automations that take away the technology challenges for you.

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