Automate Hiring the Right Talent

Adding new players to the team is an exciting and important task. But it’s a time consuming and a costly process. A great employee is inherent to the growth of an organization. What if automation helps you recruit the best talent in the market in minimum time and cost?

That’s what Sapper does. We automate your hiring applications tasks. Freeing up your time and resources to concentrate on important responsibilities. From job postings, scheduling interviews, and candidate assessment to sending offers, you can automate interactions of all these applications for greater efficiency.


Automate and control all the hiring processes from the start to finish. Over 350+ application integrations are possible.


Save time, cost and resources by automating the hiring process. Hire the best talent by providing a great user experience.

Automate Application Management

Automating the initial application and assessment process makes the user experience of your organization great. A fragmented and cluttered process is confusing to both the candidate and the hiring manager.

Sapper helps you automate your application management tasks. From contacting the candidates, to scheduling interviews, to assigning tasks, everything is done through different applications. With Sapper, you can automate these responsibilities. It also helps you automate the assessment of candidates through set parameters, choosing the right fit for your organization.

Automate Communication Management

Communication with the right candidates is an important task while hiring. Loss of communication can cause you to lose out on a qualified candidate. You shouldn’t let that happen.

With Sapper’s automation, you can streamline and automate your communication applications and provide important information to your candidates, automate internal communications and transfer information to management before making a final offer.