Automate Employee Learning Interactions

When a new employee is onboarded, they are given access to a series of applications: training applications, content management systems, etc. As the employee progresses it becomes tough for an organization to keep track of the learning milestones.

With Sapper, you can automate the allocation of preferred courses in various systems based on the employee requirement. It helps you ease complexity and provide your employees with a uniform learning experience.


Automate the allocation of courses in applications and track progress of each employee with ease.


Save complexity, allocate preferred courses, and accelerate personal growth for your employees.

Automate Employee Learning Pathways

Management and HR always look to provide a valuable learning experience to their employees. But for an organization with too many employees it becomes tedious to keep track of an individual employee and map their progress.

Sapper helps you automate the interactions between different learning pathways and ease the mingled-up process with a centralized system that helps you track course completion and employee involvement.

Automate Collaborative Learning Bots

Team building is important for any organization and so is learning collaboratively. It makes you learn the concepts faster and accelerates the growth of an individual. But with an organization with too many learning systems, the collaboration becomes complex and inefficient.

With Sapper, you automate the interactions between different tools and systems making collaboration easy for employees. They can share their progress and documents, review the courses and recommend different learning platforms through one centralized system.

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