Automate Quote-to-Cash Process

Reduce Errors. Improve Efficiency.

The Quote-to-Cash (or QTC) process needs several applications such as Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), contract lifecycle management, order management, invoicing and payment receipt to work together, right from drafting a quote to receiving the final payment. This process involves the use of lot of applications like NetSuite, Zuora, Workday, Salesforce, SAP and payment gateways. Connecting to these applications is a time consuming, error prone process and can result in revenue leakages and cost overruns.

With Sapper, you can automate the interaction between the systems of Quote-to-Cash management and reduce the risk of errors. Your entire revenue process is automated which is most critical to your business success.


Streamline the process of financial recording and reporting by automating the necessary tasks and controlling the applications through a single interface.


By automating all the financial tasks you not only save a lot of time but also human effort in correcting the errors and optimize your costs by simply eliminating the inefficiencies.

Automate Quote-to-Cash

Quote-to-Cash is the most important set of business processes for an organization which begins when a customer intends to purchase a product or service, and extends to keeping track of past transactions. It involves a lot of steps along the way with endless resources.

With Sapper you can eliminate the overlong process of QTC and work hassle free. We cover all the end to end functions by integrating various applications together to form a unified platform. Sapper’s intelligent automation aids the process of QTC and streamlines the interaction between the various applications used like NetSuite, Zuora, Workday, Salesforce, SAP and payment gateways.

Automate Data Synchronization from Quote to Payment

Data synchronization in a Quote-to-Cash process is complex and encompasses many applications, each with its own format of data. To manage synchronization between quote and payment we need coordination between all the information, pricing, contracts, payment gateways and delivery schedule applications. Not doing this correctly can result in operational cost overruns and revenue leakages.

With Sapper, you can simultaneously track and analyze numerous performance metrics throughout the process under one hood. Our intelligent automation enables us to reduce proposal errors, accelerate order fulfillment, and billing processes and ultimately increase customer satisfaction so that your company is more likely to recognize revenue correctly.