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Intelligently Integrate & Automate ServiceNow

Resolution time is a key indicator in technical management support. ServiceNow is a SaaS company that specializes in IT management allows managing digital workflows and via a variety of apps and plugins. Companies use ServiceNow to support workflows. Some of the most common ways include ticketing, benchmarking and predictive modelling. ServiceNow is also capable of assisting machine learning and artificial intelligence processes.


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Some Popular Use Cases

Offboard employees from applications as soon as the employee is terminated. 

  • An employee is marked as terminated
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation will extract a list of employees to be terminated from the Snowflake Data warehouse.
  • It will automatically terminate employees from the Deputy HR system.
  • Also, create a ticket in ServiceNow with IT for revoking access and inform slack channels
  • A user submits a request/issue in a pre-built form on a website.
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation checks the category of the complaint. 
  • Based on the category it creates a ticket in ServiceNow and notifies the MS Teams channel.

Sapper’s Pre-built ServiceNow Automations 

  • Type the command ServiceNow show incident in the channel.  
  • Sapper’s Intelligent automation will ask for an incident number 
  • Sapper will display the ServiceNow incident in your Slack tool   
  • A new user is created in Salesforce  
  • Sapper searches for the new user in ServiceNow by email id  
  • If no matching user is found, Sapper creates a new user ID.   
  • If a user is matched, Sapper updates the relevant information 
  • A new request is created in ServiceNow 
  • Sapper Intelligent automation posts the request in Slack with all the details  

Choose Sapper for Your Intelligent Automation


  • Ready to Use Automations: Discover the solutions you need from pre-built automation created for you.  
  • Fast pace with Intelligent Automation: Combine the power of AI, bots to automate manual tasks  
  • Eliminate Technical Glitches: No waiting for a technical person to implement the automation. Automate the process yourself within a few minutes 
  • Build Bots to Work for You: Create unique conversation-driven automation with Slack bots 

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