The Only Tips You Need to Promote Healthy Remote Culture

Now that majority of us working remotely, the challenges of being productive and team building are inherently different and probably even difficult.  To help your employees to stay motivated and have team morale from wherever they work, you can employ these 5 working tips.

 Let Fun be at The Core

Remote working in itself can be stressful, and if we just keep having work-related conversations, it will certainly add to the burden.  Fun conversations should be a part of any work culture.  To facilitate these conversations, you can use platforms like Slack and communicate games, movies and other trivia related stuff.  All in all, keep fun at the core of your remote working culture. Give employees a space to blow off steam. Slack platforms or any other equivalent tool can provide that opportunity.  

Organize Creative Events

You must have seen those cooking videos through out the lockdown. These kind of fun and cultural activities are necessary to create a bond.  You can use platforms like Zoom to organize this event.  If you as an organization are inclined towards organizing these events, your employees will be more than happy to jump the wagon.  

Keep Gifting and Celebrating Festivals

In physical office environments, gifting and celebrating festival is a norm. Whether it’s celebrating a cultural festival, or birthdays or annual events.  To make remote working culture a success, you need to keep having these events.  This gives  a message that everything is as usual in the company even if you are working remotely.  In remote working, you can easily gift something related home work space. This can range from calendars, stress buster gifts, to even water bottles.  

Have an Off Time Limit

Your offices are programmed with a log-in and log-out devices but employees working remotely tend to work-out even after the log-out hours.  This can frustrate a lot of employees.  As an organization, have fixed time set for log-out hours.  Or if someone messages you during offline hours, simply ask them to go outside and have some fun.  This shows that you are respectful about their personal lives as well.   

Encourage Involvement and Feedback 

One of the most threatening things about remote work is that employees can feel that their voice is not being heard.  Being in physical proximity in offices have its benefits.  This can worsen employee motivation and productivity.  To help employees feel valued and heard, you can do the following things:  

  • Ask them about their mental health
  • Ask them feedback for Improvements 
  • Praise them about their Contributions
  • Implement their Suggestions

 At the end of the day, every team is different and has its own motivation mechanism in place. These tips may or may not help you, but it is a good start.  It’s all about making your work environment pleasant, productive and stress-free.