Top 3 HubSpot Integrations your Sales team cannot afford to miss

Top 3 HubSpot Integrations your Sales team cannot afford to miss

HubSpot’s CRM integration is an incredible tool for boosting your sales. With the help of the HubSpot platform, you will be able to create a visual board of your activities, track your sales prospects, store important information, and seamlessly automate your sales process. However, despite these benefits, HubSpot also has a few limitations. Therefore, to enhance your sales productivity you need to integrate HubSpot with the other CRM application. Let’s find out the most used application for conducting HubSpot Sales Automation. 

3 commonly used applications that can be integrated with HubSpot for Sales growth:


According to blueoshan, “nearly 20% of HubSpot marketing software customers who do use’s CRM product will be able to continue to leverage this integration”. Let’s find out how to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce and how it’s beneficial for conducting sales growth. By integrating HubSpot and Salesforce you will be able to streamline lead handling. This process can be conducted by adding the HubSpot contact into the inclusion list criteria, and a record will be synced with Salesforce for your sales team. It will also help you to sync the pipeline for moving the data at a glance to ensure higher sales productivity. That will eventually improve the conversation between prospects by cutting down the delay. This integration also allows you to nurture prospects.



According to Medium, “HubSpot isn’t alone in our transformation story. Slack has over eight million daily users, with more than 70,000 teams paying for its services”. Therefore, integrating these two applications can be a great solution for your business. The integration between Slack and HubSpot helps you to receive direct notifications about the lead to your Slack channel as well as in your mailbox. It will help you to reduce the chances of missing out on form submission, which helps you to close the deal faster. You can also use Slack for generating business sales by receiving notifications to your Slack channel when a new contact or deal is assigned. That can have a great impact on your sales growth as it allows you to enhance sales rapidly by successfully creating the contact in real-time.  


Integrating ERP and CRM can amazingly handle your data collection process for enhancing quick business decisions. Hence, Integrating Workday (ERP) with HubSpot (CRM) can be a great choice for ensuring a smooth business process. Specifically for your sales team. This process can be done by syncing the data from the workday software to HubSpot. You can create new contact, deals, and company in HubSpot software from the Workday platform. The adding of products and updating of deals, and contacts, can be also possible to perform in HubSpot CRM from the Workday. These functions can initiate a great benefit for your sales team by minimizing the chances of error and rapidly maximizing productivity. 


The Benefit of Transforming Your Sales Team with Automation

Integrating and automating the operation of your sales team can be a remarkable transformation. It can seamlessly transform your sales function by smoothly handling the leads, closing the deal, and ensuring higher productivity. However, a single application like HubSpot can’t make it possible. Therefore, integrating Salesforce, Slack, and Workday with HubSpot can be a notable decision for developing the workflow with automated triggers. Let’s find out the benefits of transforming your sales team with automation: 

  • Improve customer relations and ensure easy nurturing
  • Help to integrate chatbot to provide real-time updates
  • Connect with your representative in an efficient manner
  • Get the customer details in a single click
  • Significantly reduce sales time
  • Help to prioritize the leads

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