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Intelligently Integrate & Automate Workday

Workday is a cloud-based service company that specializes in HCM, ERP and finance management. Companies use Workday to optimize their human resource department.  It is the most valuable tool to manage the most important of your assets – People.  Some of the useful features include Human Resource Management, Recruiting, Talent Management etc.

Manage Customer Information

Manage Reports  

Manage Employee Information

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Fast-pace integration and reduce technical dependency

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Achieve data accuracy and cost-efficiency with automation

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Some Popular Use Cases

This use-case integrates the accounts from  Salesforce to the Customers in Netsuite. While Salesforce stores the customer data for sales management, NetSuite requires customer data for Billing management.  

  • Create an Intelligent Automation to extract information data from Workday report and upload it in Box at a specified time.  

Sapper’s intelligent automation helps you automate the onboarding process

  • Create an Intelligent automation system which automatically creates ID’s in respective applications when a new employee is hired in Workday.

  • When there is new information updated in Workday, your employee management system us updated automatically.

Sapper’s Pre-built WorkDay Automations 

  • A new account is created/updated in Salesforce
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation searches for customer information in Workday
  • If no information is found, Our Intelligent Automates creates new customer Id.
  • If the information is available, Sapper updates it with new information.
  • A new employee is added in Workday
  • Sapper’s intelligent Automation will check the same information in Oracle EBS
  • Create if the information is absent and update if the information is present
  • Sync the Oracle EBS employee ID to Workday
  • Create a trigger to sync SAP data to Workday

Choose Sapper for Your Intelligent Automation   

  • Ready to Use Automations: Discover the solutions you need from pre-built automation created for you.  
  • Fast pace with Intelligent Automation: Combine the power of AI, bots to automate manual tasks  
  • Eliminate Technical Glitches: No waiting for a technical person to implement the automation. Automate the process yourself within a few minutes 
  • Build Bots to Work for You: Create unique conversation-driven automation with Slack bots 

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