Data synergy meets innovation

The Maitrx AI Workbench is a dynamic solution designed to revolutionize data interaction and analysis. Boasting a powerful unified query language, it effortlessly bridges the gap between diverse data stores, eradicating the need for users to navigate multiple languages.
With an exclusive experimentation workspace, users can finesse their data approach through secure sampling before touching live production data, ensuring utmost precision.
  • Query data from multiple different data stores using a single unified query language
  • Enables seamless interaction with various data sources without needing to learn multiple languages
  • Dedicated workspace for safe experimentation with sampled data before working on the production dataset
  • Supports refining data analysis, transformations, and model training without affecting live data
  • Data remains within the customer’s premises and virtual network, ensuring privacy and control
  • Granular role and permission settings restrict data access to authorized users only
  • Manage access levels for newly created data entities, enhancing data security
  • Jupyter Notebook interface for users familiar with interactive analysis
  • Custom UI for a user-friendly experience catering to different technical backgrounds