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Wealth management

Ensuring efficient and accurate wealth management operations

Wealth management is a complex and data-driven field that requires meticulous analysis, precise decision-making, and effective insights. However, wealth managers often face several challenges in their day-to-day operations
Workflows driven by manual data entry and disconnected communication channels lead to errors and delays
Delays in deploying capital due to manual, effort-intensive client and custodian onboarding
Streamlining data collection, analysis, risk assessment, investment planning, and client reporting
Managing these processes efficiently while maintaining accuracy and compliance
Deriving timely actionable insights from financial statements, market trends, investment portfolios, etc.
Our AI models and technology are capable of handling Fortune 500-level data, ensuring highly accurate and reliable outcomes from the start. Our wealth management solution is built on our Augmented Decision Platform, which combines AI-powered document automation, process orchestration, and actionable data insights. This unified framework allows for hyper-automation of the wealth management process, reducing operating costs, and accelerating insights.
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efficiency gains over
manual processes
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savings in
manual costs

Prohibitive costs of manual invoice processing

Highly variable invoice data and consequent data extraction errors

Complex and inefficient workflows that are constrained by repeated human intervention

Payment processing delays and strained vendor relationships

Sophisticated pretrained extraction models intuitively manage invoice data variations

Advanced data normalization, matching, and reconciliation capabilities

Auto-generate business rules using deep learning for faster value realization

High end-to-end process accuracy and straight-through processing

*for EDI invoices

Heuristic business rules applied over 2+ years to improve matching and create a slow and long arc of value realization



AI-driven wealth management processes for efficient decision-making

  • Simplified processes by utilizing AI-powered document extraction, data standardization, and data enrichment, obviating human errors
  • Replace legacy processes with an automated end-to-end workflow with centralized data aggregation
  • Touchless operations reduce costs and improve business efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Transform the onboarding process for clients and custodians with automation and deploy capital faster with a reduction of administrative processes and delays
  • Standardize 70% of onboarding data, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Improve transparency and streamline communication with stakeholders through the onboarding process
  • Leverage open API architecture to connect to internal and external systems and integrate your business workflows using inbuilt workflow engines
  • Control risk with audit trails, role-based permissions, and customizable metrics and workflows that meet your compliance goals and align with administrative workflows
  • Integrate with reporting tools for on-demand insights
  • Work with accurate data from the start to reduce downstream processing challenges and improve client outcomes
  • Visualize, analyze, and create your views of portfolio data and respond quickly to market changes
  • Analyze vast amounts of financial data, extract relevant insights, and perform risk assessments more efficiently for better client reporting

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