Harnessing AI for growth with a future-ready working model

At Sapper, we understand the challenges businesses face in harnessing the full potential of AI to maximize their business growth. That’s why we’ve developed Maitrx, our cutting-edge AI-ready platform that offers a consolidated solution to unlock the power of your enterprise data to deliver specific meaningful value.

Our working model functions as a lifecycle for data science and AI, ensuring your organization achieves rapid success and continues to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and data-driven innovation.
Integration platform tools


Identify, collect, and analyze data from enterprise data sources to identify patterns and correlations

Native cloud solutions


Extract actionable insights from data by creating, deploying, and continuously improving machine learning models

cloud native solutions


Create and manage the infrastructure and pipelines to make relevant data available at the right place

Amplify outcomes with reduced complexity

With a singular interface, you can seamlessly discover data, move data between repositories, build data infrastructure and pipelines, and create, deploy, manage, and monitor machine learning models through their entire lifecycle. By centralizing these activities, our platform enables data scientists to drive innovation and yield impactful insights using our three major capabilities

The complete data and AI workbench solution

  • Data stays within the customer’s virtual network, ensuring a high level of data security and control over access and retention periods
  • Roles and permissions of data stores are applicable, restricting users to view and manipulate only authorized data, and enhancing data protection
Low code
  • Integration with the platform is easy and efficient, offering both a user-friendly UI and command-line options for quick deployment
  • Tasks can be accomplished with simple actions, reducing the need for complex coding and scripting
  • The platform provides a user-friendly catalog with an easy-to-search interface, enabling users to quickly find and access metadata information and sampled data distribution
  • We offer a unified query language, making it easy for users to query data from multiple heterogeneous stores without dealing with multiple languages, making the data exploration process better

Driving business growth through pervasive AI

We conceptualized Maitrx in line with our vision to make AI pervasive in businesses. Maitrx enables businesses of any size to unlock the power of data and realize value from AI, consistently, and incrementally. By federating all enterprise data, enabling data discovery and movement, and a full-service AI workbench for training, deploying, and managing ML models – we help you accelerate your AI experimentation and outcomes, while vastly improving the experience and productivity of your data engineers and data scientists.
Driving business growth

Success stories of businesses powered by our platform