SAPPER Workflow engine

Key Highlights

  • Quickly connect to any cloud application
  • Drag-and-drop design
  • Easily transform data using a massive list of formulas
  • Reusable pre-built integration templates
  • Build custom Integration using low-code
  • Connect to any data source (Via REST, SOAP, Database, S3, FTP, SFTP, etc.)

Learn how the Sapper Platform works



Choose the applications you wish to include in your workflow and easily integrate them with each other. Transform, map and connect your data to unify your tech stack in minutes



Once your applications have been integrated, automating the tasks is as simple as connecting the dots. You can also leverage our rich library of specialized SaaS pre-built recipes to enhance your Tech stack easily.



You can now run your automation using different launch mechanisms. Sapper provides you with the ability to trigger your workflow manually, on a scheduled basis, using webhooks, through our virtual assistants and their conversational interface or through forms embedded into other applications like Slack or MS Teams powered by Sapper Bot.

We built them so you don't have to

Take advantage of our hundreds of pre-built templates. Get started with a single click and automate your entire workflow in minutes.

Interview Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule interviews without the hassle of lengthy click paths. When a candidate is shortlisted in ATS, an interview will be automatically scheduled.

Triage HR

Allow your HR team to focus on more important work by automating triaging, handling, and routing of email questions and requests to HR.

New Hire
Doc Management

Avoid the mess of collecting new hire joining documents manually or via emails. Make the whole document management process a smooth and error-free experience.

Invoicing for Contract Employees

Make life easy for your Accounts team by automating tasks like time entries data calculation, invoice generation, etc. This will not only avoid human errors but also make the whole process faster.

Empower your business


Connect to any application


Powerful no-code drag and drop design


AI-driven success


Easy to maintain and upscale

Become an iPaaS

Use Sapper Embedded within a services environment to provide solutions directly to your end-users. Provide Sales and Services teams the ability to accelerate every customer integration

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