Unleashing the future of insurance operations

Unleashing the future of insurance operations

At Sapper, we understand the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. Our comprehensive platform is designed to optimize insurance operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Sapper’s solutions revolutionize how insurance companies manage claims, underwriting, and more.

Advanced automation tools for insurance operations

Insurance companies handle vast amounts of data, including invoices, claim forms, and medical reports. These documents vary greatly, requiring human operators to understand, process, validate, and make decisions based on them. This manual and error-prone process leads to lengthy decision cycles, impacting customer experience and revenue due to fraudulent claims and overpayments.

Sapper offers AI-based insurance solutions that automate data extraction, enhance fraud detection, and improve document validation. By leveraging our AI technology, insurance companies can make faster and more accurate decisions, resulting in better customer experiences and increased efficiency.

Improving customer experience. Revolutionizing the insurance industry.

Our insurance solutions are automating everything from claims processing and fraud detection to underwriting, our platforms deliver measurable benefits for insurance operations.
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Enhance efficiency rapidly with accuracy

cycle times

operational costs

customer delight

  • Our pre-trained extraction and classification models can deliver outcomes faster, without needing extensive training
  • Automated data normalization and data validation compress processing times
  • With a data classification accuracy of 99% and data extraction accuracy of 95%, you can be sure that you are working with accurate data
  • No matter the activity or role – claims processing or underwriting, you get better outcomes – guaranteed
  • Our headless system works seamlessly with your existing business processing tools – upstream or downstream – without causing business disruption
  • Easily integrate and use value-added services such as reporting and analytics to generate continuous insights

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