Navigating data complexity made easy

Maitrx Data Discovery is a vital solution for data scientists grappling with the challenges of locating, understanding, and experimenting with diverse data. Our solution offers a centralized catalog of accessible data sources, simplifying search and distribution insights. We provide clarity on data lineage and facilitate quick data analysis through statistical metrics and custom analyzers.
You can now streamline data exploration, analysis, and experimentation, all within a secure framework.
  • Organized inventory of data sources
  • Metadata insights and data distribution overview
  • User-friendly search interface
  • Ownership visibility and data tagging
  • Trace data journey from origin to current state
  • Visualize transformations and processes over time
  • Statistical insights: scatter plots, mean, median, z-score, correlation
  • Custom analyzer code support for specialized analyses
  • Data remains on-premises within the customer’s virtual network
  • Roles and permissions control data access
  • User-restricted visibility to authorized data