Simplifying uninterrupted data replication

Data consistency

Ensuring that the data remains consistent during data migration

Business continuity

Maintaining data availability and accessibility for ongoing operations

Time and cost

Preventing delays and overspending during the migration project

Mastering data migration challenges with Maitrx

The platform’s remarkable ability to accommodate a wide range of data storage formats, coupled with its support for Hadoop data migration and its capacity to manage petabytes of data, stands out as a notable strength.
Balancing the imperatives of security, performance, reliability, and user-friendliness is pivotal for the success of any data migration endeavor. This becomes particularly crucial considering the statistic that 83% of data migration projects either result in failure or surpass their allocated budgets and timelines. Matrix effectively tackles several of the challenges that frequently contribute to these issues, offering solutions to potential project failures and budgetary excesses.

  • Data stays within the customer's virtual network
  • All data transfers occur within the specified customer network
  • Customer controls access and retention periods for data and logs

Performance and

  • Reads data from Write Ahead Logs (WAL) to avoid impacting live database performance
  • Optimized for minimal resource usage
  • Reliable system design to prevent data loss even during system crashes

Ease of use

  • User-friendly UI and command line options for integration with the platform
  • Simple actions for adding, removing data sources/destinations, and scheduling transfers
  • Control features like pausing or stopping the migration process on errors

Seamless transitions for enterprise-scale business continuity

Maitrx Data Movement can effortlessly keep your business data and operations running smoothly without any hiccups. We offer an outstanding level of flexibility and control and our ability to handle data of any size ensures seamless transitions through either one-time migrations or continuous replication processes.
  • Data is temporarily stored in a staging area before being written to the destination database
  • Staging data is deleted upon successful transfer
  • Customers can set the retention period for temporary data
  • Flexibility to change column types in the destination database
  • Option to drop columns from the destination
  • Metrics dashboard for tracking system progress and performance