The Problem:

The enterprise automation use case for a Fortune 500 company required fast access to data from multiple sources to power mission-critical workloads, run a machine learning lifecycle (training to feedback loop), and real-time analytics. The existing architecture had multiple point-to-point integrations from SalesForce, SQL Server, and MySQL to S3, RedShift, and other data repositories. Due to this data was not federated across the enterprise. Machine learning was fragmented, real-time analytics was slow and business outcomes were less than optimal.

The Solution:

A leading IT services conglomerate that was responsible for delivering the business outcomes used Sapper Data Replication to enable real-time data replication from SalesForce, other databases, and related data stores to Data Lake on AWS to run machine learning lifecycle and real-time analytics.

The Outcome:

The Sapper Data Replication capability has exponentially improved decision-making outcomes by improving cycle time for decision-making by 50% and improving the accuracy of machine-driven decisions by 30%. In addition, the platform has delivered 100% data consistency with fast data ingestion and minimal latency.