Training Restrictions and Limitations

“Sapper” as used in the following shall mean Sapper Software Inc. and its affiliate and subsidiary companies. Please contact for pricing and more details

  1. Instructor Travel
    1.1  Instructor travel arrangements will be handled by Sapper’s Travel Department only. Travel arrangements will be made following receipt of a Work Order, an Order Form, or other ordering document (as applicable and defined in your agreement with Sapper, collectively “Ordering Document”).
    1.2  The total fees set out in an Ordering Document are for labor costs only and do not include meals, lodging, and travel (“Expenses”). Unless otherwise expressly agreed in an Ordering Document, Expenses will be invoiced to and paid by Customer separately subject to the Agreement. No Customer expense policy will control the reimbursement of Expenses incurred and invoiced by Licensor in connection with the training Consulting Services.
  2. Method of Payment
    2.1  All training Consulting Services must be prepaid. Payment must be received ten business days prior to the start of a course to reserve the dates, to confirm travel arrangement and, if applicable, to ship Materials. Payment must be in the form of a check, credit card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard), prepaid training funds, purchase order, or wire transfer. Exchange rates for international transactions are based on the weekly average rate for the first week of the current calendar month.
  3. Cancellation and Rescheduling
    3.1 Customer will be fully charged (100%) of the training course fees if cancellation, or a request to reschedule, is NOT received by Sapper in writing at least ten (10) business days in advance of the training course. If training is cancelled by Sapper, Sapper will either: (1) fully refund the money at Customer request or, (2) reschedule the training based on the next available date (or if Dedicated Private Instructor-led Training, as mutually agreed upon by both parties). In the event that Customer reschedules Dedicated Private Instructor-led Training, Customer will be responsible for any change fees or additional expenses incurred as a result. Customer may not cancel Sapper Academy subscriptions. Customer may transfer an active Sapper Academy subscription one time to another customer in the same company. Sapper shall not be held responsible for any cancellation, postponement or unexpected delay due to factors or circumstances beyond its control.
  4. Dedicated Private Instructor-led Training
    4.1  Customer Provided Laptops. Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the provided laptops, and agree that laptops provided will remain in the same training room throughout the duration of the training. Customer will ensure the provided laptops meet all of the requirements and specifications provided by Sapper’s Education department for the training. In cases where laptops are not functional, Customer can immediately provide replacement machines, or affected students will need to share with students on remaining functional machines. The Sapper instructor will not delay the start of the training course. However, if more than half of the machines are not functional, Sapper reserves the right to cancel the training. In the event of such cancellation, time and expenses incurred by the Sapper instructor while on-site, shall be invoiced and are immediately due and payable.
    4.2  Class Size. Dedicated Private Instructor-led training class size is limited to 5 students. If your requirement is to accommodate more than 5 students then are please contact
  5. Prepaid Training Account Program
    5.1  Prepaid Training Consulting Services must be utilized within one (1) year from date of purchase: Any Prepaid Training not utilized during this period shall be forfeited and no refund shall be given.
    5.2  Funds from Prepaid training accounts can only be applied towards training offered in connection with Sapper products. Prepaid training accounts cannot be used towards Expenses, or be combined with other promotional offers, discounts, or partner discounts and are non-transferable and non-assignable. Prepaid training accounts purchased based on APJ discount rates may only be utilized in the corresponding country or region purchased; prepaid training accounts purchased based on rates for the Americas and EMEA may be utilized globally.
  6. Additional Forms
    6.1  A Classroom Set-Up Requirement Checklist or a Contact Information sheet may apply to any on-site training. If provided, these forms must be completed and returned to . Sapper’s performance under an Ordering Document is conditioned upon our timely receipt of both the Classroom Set up Requirements Checklist and Contact Information.

    Training Restrictions and Limitations are subject to change at Sapper’s discretion without notice at any time. However, an Ordering Document that incorporates these Training Restrictions and Limitations, which was executed by the parties prior to any change taking effect, will not be impacted by any change or changes unless such change or changes is/are expressly incorporated under a Change Order executed by the parties.