The power of AI – maximized
for your business

AI-inherent applications for faster and better business outcomes
app integration platform
0 %
accuracy in document extraction
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reduction in manual processing costs
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reduction in processing time
Industry-redefining AI for unmatched efficiency
Pre-trained models
Pre-trained models

for diverse domains

Annotation-free models
Annotation-free models

that train on the go

Large language models
Large language models

that understand natural language

Applications and platform convergence for accelerated and differentiated value
cloud native applications development
Augmented Decision Platform to automate business decisions
with unparalleled precision
Our Augmented Decision Platform features robust and domain-aware AI capabilities for data
extraction, data post-processing, and decision inference, all geared towards precision decision automation
cloud native integration

Document extraction and classification using deep learning models

cloud native platform

Automated data cleansing, data enrichment, and data validation using configurable business rules

Advanced matching, validation

Advanced matching, validation, and reconciliation capabilities for touchless document processing


Human-in-the-loop support with inbuilt exception management

Delivering significant improvements at speed

AI document automation solutions built on our
Augmented Decision Platform
AI-ready Platform designed to converge enterprise data and AI operations
Data and AI operations
Our AI-ready Platform offers a comprehensive solution for data sciences and AI lifecycle management

Move and replicate data across enterprise data stores and orchestrate business processes

Discover, access, and model data for advanced insights and experimentation

Train, manage, and monitor models with end-to-end lifecycle governance

Battle-tested solutions and
tangible results

Seamless integration

Our platforms sit on top of your existing technology and infrastructure, protecting legacy investments and minimizing disruptions

Rapid return on investment
Rapid return on

With our pretrained models and domain-ready applications, you can accelerate deployment and get faster outcomes. With our AI-ready Platform, you can quickly conduct micro-experiments, and accelerate the ROI of your AI initiatives

Optimized spend

Our solutions optimize your spends by offering faster deployment without the need for extensive change management

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