Intelligent Automation for Retail eCommerce

Integrating the right applications with your eCommerce channel can help your retail automation plans to work in sync with your business goals. Utilize Sapper’s Intelligent Automation to empower every step of your eCommerce Journey.

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Orchestrate your eCommerce Automation Stack

With increasing competition, retail eCommerce is witnessing some fast-paced technological changes. Growing consumer demand is forcing retailers to adopt new strategies to provide a more personalized eCommerce experience. Easily connect your eCommerce platform to your ERPs, CRMs, payment processing apps and more. Orchestrate all the eCommerce processes to work in sync automatically without manual intervention. Sapper’s intelligent automation will help your build an eCommerce automation platform so good that your customers at the receiving end will witness a delightful experience. Orchestrate everything that affects the customer experience, from product and inventory data to shipping and tracking data. Build Intelligent automation with workflows that trigger notifications and activities based on any interactions that occur between the connected apps.

Sapper’s Pre-built Retail eCommerce Automations 

  • A new customer/contact is created in Zoho.
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation syncs the customer information from Zoho to a seller account in the Stripe payment application.
  • A new order is processed in Magento Storefront 
  • Sapper’s Intelligent automation will extract the order which is in a pending or processed state, and create a Sales order in QuickBooks online.
  • A new order is created in Magento Storefront 
  • Sapper syncs the new information to a data warehouse like Snowflake 
  • Simultaneously it creates a new Sales order in ERP systems like Zoho and notifies the relevant Slack channels
  • A new customer is added to a CRM system like Zoho 
  • Sapper adds the new contact to Magento backend as a new customer
  • A new customer is added to a CRM like Zoho 
  • Sapper adds the new contact to Magento backend and Quickbooks online 
  • A new product listing is created in Zoho 
  • Sapper’s intelligent automation add the new product listing to Magento’s backend 
  • New Customers are added in Magento storefront’s backend 
  • Sapper add the contacts into the CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce

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