Sapper Extraction as a service

Sapper’s Extraction as a Service is an AI solution that leverages cutting-edge machine learning to extract tables, structured text, key-value pairs, etc from real world data. Shift your attention from gathering information to acting on it by converting documents into usable data.

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·      Easy-to-use text extraction

        Built-in and personalised features make it easy to pull data and arrange information—no manual labelling necessary. 

·      Integrated security

        Ensure that your data and any trained models are protected with enterprise-grade security and privacy. 

·      Flexible deployment

        Enrich search indexes, streamline business automation processes and more with data collected from the cloud.

·      Personalized solutions  

        Automatic custom extraction provides output that is specific to your layouts, and expert feedback helps to enhance it. 

     Why Sapper’s Extraction as a Service? 

·      50% reduction in handling time 

·      80% accuracy rate

·      70% reduction in processing costs

Convert unstructured documents like payslips, invoices, and bank statements into usable data by using Sapper’s document AI software with Intelligent OCR technology.   

Streamlined framework for more inclusive ML model development 

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·      What types of documents does Sapper extraction as a service work with? 

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