Integrate Salesforce using Intelligent Integration & Automation

Intelligently Integrate & Automate Salesforce

Salesforce is a SaaS application company that specializes in CRM management. Salesforce’s CRM application helps business connect with customers, prospects and partners. Companies use Salesforce to understand their customers connect with them and grow their customer bases. Some highlighting features of Salesforce include real-time analytics, customer success and support, customer complaints and many other important CRM functions. In short, Salesforce is a one-stop solution for all your CRM needs.  

Synchronize Customer Data

Sync Leads

Eleminate Manual Entry

One-stop Solution

Fast-pace integration and reduce technical dependency

Pre-built Connections

Sapper provides pre-built automation connections made for you

Archieve Automation

Achieve data accuracy & cost-efficiency with automation

Integrated Systems

Integrate systems to achieve maximum efficiency

Connect Salesforce with 100+ other apps:


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Some Popular Use Cases

  • Sapper will get a list of new/ updated opportunities from salesforce considering a specific year and status.
  • After that Sapper will work on gathering each Account ID from the sales channel through looping.
  • Sapper then notifies the appropriate Slack channel with each new and updated account detail.

  • Sapper smart integration will work on fetching contacts from salesforce through looping
  • Later, Sapper will insert each contact one-by-one into the learning management system as per their contact location.
  • This process will be conducted by Saba and Successfactors inside the loop after the conditional.

Sapper’s Pre-built Salesforce Automations 

  • A new lead is created in HubSpot 
  • Sapper intelligent automation will search for the same information in HubSpot by email address 
  •  If no matching leads are found, Sapper creates a lead in HubSpot
  • A new account is created or updated in Salesforce 
  • Sapper searches for customer information by name 
  • If the information is unavailable, Sapper bots create a new customer 
  • If the information is available, Sapper bots update the new information
  • A new case is created in Salesforce 
  • Sapper searches for the new case in ServiceNow by Salesforce description 
  • Sapper searches for the new user in ServiceNow by email id 
  • If no matching incident is found in ServiceNow, Sapper creates the new incident 
  • If no matching user is found, Sapper creates a new user ID.  

Choose Sapper for Your Intelligent Automation

  • Ready to Use Automations: Discover the solutions you need from pre-built automation created for you.  
  • Fast pace with Intelligent Automation: Combine the power of AI, bots to automate manual tasks  
  • Eliminate Technical Glitches: No waiting for a technical person to implement the automation. Automate the process yourself within a few minutes 
  • Build Bots to Work for You: Create unique conversation-driven automation with Slack bots 

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