Automate Vendor Payment

Vendor management and procurement automation involves multiple steps which makes the process of keeping track of information tedious and cumbersome. There are various systems that track the information of multiple vendors and ensure what services are provided and at what price. Most of the time is spent on checking whether payment has been made and the services rendered.

This process involves the use of many applications like ADP, Gusto, Expensify, NetSuite, SAP, Workday, and Stripe, etc. Maintaining the connection between all the APIs is a tedious process.

With Sapper, you can automate the process of vendor payment and procurement thus helping reduce the risk of errors. It also helps to minimize the effort of keeping track of whether or not the payment is completed and the services rendered.


Streamline the process of vendor payment and procurement by automating the necessary tasks and controlling the applications through a single interface.


By automating all the tasks of the vendor payment and procurement process, you not only save a lot of time, but also effort.

Payment Automation and Reconciliation

In the automation of payment and reconciliation every transaction needs to be monitored. We must keep a track record of payment from both sides of the transaction. There are many applications such as payment gateways, invoicing, accounts receivables, billing etc., and keeping track of every payment received from each gateway is troublesome. You also have to ensure that issues like excess payments, loss of credibility and customer dissatisfaction do not arise.

But Sapper makes things easy for you. We simply automate the process of payment and reconciliation to protect the company from such hassles. Our intelligent automation helps you to get a single view across systems helping you to keep a track record of all the transactions.

Automating Procurement

Procurement is essential to every business. The main purpose behind automation for procurement is to speed up the entire process by freeing up employees from doing repetitive and time consuming tasks. Problems like getting multiple quotes from multiple vendors, comparing vendor credibility, reliability and negotiating the best price possible involves the use of multiple applications.

With Sapper, you can simplify your tasks. We help you to automate the process of procurement which helps in eliminating the repetitive tasks. Our intelligent automation helps you focus on crucial business decision making and strategizing.

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