The Sapper Platform

Sapper has been designed as a one-stop-shop iPaaS solution; with a range of tools no other iPaaS in the market can boast about, Sapper stands out thanks to its no-code, drag-&-drop and simplistic connect-the-dots approach. With a brand-new, next-generation conversational AI interface, virtual assistants and AIOps, Sapper is the premium iPaaS for the new world of work.

Drag-&-drop design

Simply drag the applications you wish to integrate and automate from the side panel and begin quickly automating tasks.

No-code approach

You will never have to write a single line of code as Sapper is built for IT and business users alike.

Conversational AI

Executing your integrations and automation through complex dashboards is a thing of the past. Simply converse with a virtual assistant to get things done.

No maintenance

Our helpful team of expert automation engineers work tirelessly to ensure all integrations have a virtual 100% uptime regardless of third-party application updates and changes.

Sapper simplifies integrating with SaaS applications


Sapper utilizes simple, identifiable checkpoints for automation execution. Once a condition is fulfilled, the automation starts. Whether it’s manual, scheduled, webhook, conversational AI prompt or embedded form, Sapper makes it easy to run your automation exactly how you need it to.


After a trigger, an interaction between Sapper and the integrated applications happens. Sapper communicates your task through REST API, SOAP API, queries and many other technologies so that these actions can be used to read, write, move and update data across one or multiple systems. Just like a regular user minus the effort.

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